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Bromopyruvic Acid

Catalog No. : DI-T-08880
CAS Number : 1113-59-3
Molecular Weight : 166.96
Molecular Formula : C3H3BrO3
Synonym : 3-Bromo-2-oxopropanoic Acid;3-bromo-2-oxopropanoic acid
Application Notes : Bromopyruvic Acid is a synthetic brominated derivative of pyruvic acid. Bromopyruvic Acid maybe a potential treatment for certain types of cancer as it has shown to be effective at eliminating aggressive liver tumors.;Impurity in commercial preparations of Pyruvic Acid
References :Ko Y.H. et al.: Cancer Lett., 173, 83 (2001); Geschwind J.F. et al.: Cancer Res., 62, 3209 (2002); Ko Y.H. et al.: J. Bioenerg. Biomembr., 44, 163 (2012);