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(1S,2R) Bortezomib

Catalog No. : DI-O-20087
CAS Number : 1132709-16-0
Molecular Weight : 384.24
Molecular Formula : C19H25BN4O4
Synonym : (1S,2R) Bortezomib;[(1S)-3-methyl-1-[(2R)-3-phenyl-2-(pyrazin-2-ylformamido)propanamido]butyl]boronc Acid
Application Notes : (1S,3R)-Bortezomib is an diastereomer of Bortezomib , the first proteasome inhibitor to be approved by the US FDA for multiple myeloma, a blood cancer. A reversible inhibitor of the 26S proteasome-a barrel-shaped multiprotein particle found in the nucleus
References :Nawrcki, S.T., et al:cacer Reseach, 65, 11510 (2005); Drahlc.:chem. and Eng. News, 87, 41 (2009)