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Catalog No. : DI-O-05753
CAS Number : 148553-51-9
Molecular Weight : 159.23
Molecular Formula : C8H17NO2
Synonym : (R)-Pregabalin;Pregabalin R Isomer;R isomer of Pregabalin;ent-Pregabalin;(R)-3-(Aminomethyl)-5-methylhexanoic acid;R-Pregabalin; Pregabalin R Isomer; (3R)-3-(Aminomethyl)-5-methylhexanoic acid; (R)-3-(Aminomethyl)-5-methylhexanoic acid; PD 144550; ent-Pregabalin;R isomer of Pregabalin.
Application Notes : Impurity in commercial preparations of Pregabalin.;R-Enantiomer of Pregabalin. A GABA analogue used as an anticonvulsant. Anxiolytic analgesic used to treat peripheral neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia (less potent than the S-Enantiomer).
References :Field, M.J. et al.: Br. J. Pharmacol., 132, 1 (2001); Taylor, C.P., at al.: Epilepsy Res., 14, 11 (1993);