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Catalog No. : DI-T-49676
CAS Number : 1359829-72-3
Molecular Weight : 257.1
Molecular Formula : C11H10BrFO
Synonym : 2-bromo-1-cyclopropyl-2-(3-fluorophenyl)ethanone
Application Notes : 2-Bromo-1-cyclopropyl-2-(3-fluorophenyl)ethanone is an impurity of Prasugrel , a thienopyridine antiplatelet agent.;Impurity in commercial preparations of Prasugrel
References :Bellemain-Appaix, A.; Kerneis, M.; O'Connor, S. A.; Silvain, J.; Cucherat, M.; Beygui, F.; Barthelemy, O.; Collet, J.-P.; Jacq, L.; Bernasconi, F.; Montalescot, G. (24 October 2014)