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Catalog No. : DI-T-18547
CAS Number : 3066-90-8
Molecular Weight : 184.19
Molecular Formula : C9H12O4
Synonym : 2,3-Dimethoxy-5-methyl-1,4-benzenediol;2,3-dimethoxy-5-methylbenzene-1,4-diol
Application Notes : A substituted p-hydroquinone derivative with antioxidant properties and inhibitory effects in lipid peroxidation. It is a free radical scavenger that can potentially be modified to suppress hydrogen peroxide-induced cytotoxicity and DNA damage in relation to affinity for cell membrane.
References :Roginsky, V. et al.: Chem. Phys. Lipids, 125, 49 (2003); Nakayama, T.: Food. Fact. Cancer Prev., 642 (1997);