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1-Cycloocten-1-ol 1-Acetate

Catalog No. : DI-T-13952
CAS Number : 14478-13-8
Molecular Weight : 168.24
Molecular Formula : C10H16O2
Synonym : 1etate;cyclooct-1-en-1-yl acetate
Application Notes : 1-Cycloocten-1-ol 1-Acetate is a derivative of cyclooctanone , a aliphatic cycle that exhibited inhibitory activity towards aldosterone synthase, a promising therapeutic target for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases related to abnormally high aldosterone level.
References :Yin, L., et al.: PLoS One., 7, 48048 (2012); Rodriguez, J.D.,e t al.: Chem. Biochem. Engin. Quart., 20, 173 (2006);