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Catalog No. : DI-T-10252
CAS Number : 29976-53-2
Molecular Weight : 171.19
Molecular Formula : C8H13NO3
Synonym : N-Carbethoxy-4-piperidone;iperidinone;ethyl 4-oxopiperidine-1-carboxylate
Application Notes : N-Carbethoxy-4-piperidone is used in the preparation of 3-hydrazinopyridazines as antihypertensive agents as well as carboline derivatives as potential serotonergic agents. N-Carbethoxy-4-piperidone is also an impurity of Loratadine .;Impurity in commercial preparations of Piperidone
References :Schenker, E. et al.: Arsneim.-Forsch., 29, 1835 (1979); El-Kader, A. et al.: Mans. J. Pharm. Sci., 6, 1 (1989); Albu, M. et al.: J. Liq. Chrom. Rel. Technol., 32, 2569 (2009);